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I love performing in as many different settings as I can! As ironic as it may seem, I am especially well-versed in playing keyboards in rock bands and playing solo piano and accordion for seniors. I am currently located in the Nashville area but happy to travel when circumstances allow!


Having earned my college degree in composition, I've done a great variety of composing and arranging. I am a primary arranger for rock band The GoAround as well as Philadelphia jazz  band The Bryan Tuk Complex. I've also composed for film, classical ensembles,  big band, etc.


It's my duty and desire as a musician to share my knowledge of music with anyone interested in learning and I've had a lot of fun doing so over the years. All ages and experience levels welcome! 

(I'm currently only able to teach in-person lessons in Nashville but I do Skype lessons as well!)

Sunflower Song (Original Orchestral Arrangement)

Listen to this  orchestral arrangement I did of The Sunflower Song, performed and written by The GoAround. That's me on piano too!

The Double Duo Suite (Original Big Band Composition)

Check out my original suite for big band performed by the West Chester University Criterions!

You're Gonna Feel a Quick Sting (Original Jazz Combo Tune)

Here is a beautiful little tune I wrote and performed with a small jazz combo, featuring Nolan Wible on Trumpet, Brian Foster on sax, Nate Gittelman on drums, and Tim Ragsdale on bass.

Wind Cries Mary (Jazz Combo Performance)

This is me playing a funked up version of Jimi Hendrix's "Wind Cries Mary" inspired by Jamie Cullum's arrangement. This was a lot of fun!

Original Electronic Short Film Score

Did you know I do electronic music and film scoring as well?? Here's a short film I scored, created by Kayla Mouriz!

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